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Big Man on the Block

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It has been known for sometime the Nets were trying to move their “Big 3”, but recently the talks picked up. But for only one of the “Big 3” and that is Brook Lopez. Reports surfaced yesterday that the Nets were close to moving Lopez and wanted to move him soon. After the Nets had talks with a few teams including the Thunder, Lakers, Hornets, Rockets, and the Heat. They realized there wasn't any offers that excited them, but it has been said it won’t take much to get the Nets to change their mind. After including Lopez in trade talks for a few seasons, the Nets are almost forced to move him by the trade deadline.

What Lopez brings to the table is a talented offensive player, who can take over a game, and be a real mismatch. Prior to this season Lopez was arguably one of the top scoring centers in the league with the ability to score in the low post, shoot mid-range jumpers, and a soft touch around the rim. He also has the potential to be a rim protector. This season though he hasn’t been the same player, maybe its recouping from multiple injuries or not a good fit with new coach, Lionel Hollins. Lopez though, has seen some improvement on the defensive side of the ball, but like his offense has been inconsistent. Lopez also has issues rebounding and passing the ball . Lopez doesn’t put much effort into rebounding and his passing out of double teams has been a real issues for the Nets for a few seasons. Hopefully a change will help Lopez get back to All-star form. Only 26 Lopez has plenty of time to make improvements in his game. Not to mention seven footer with his skill level, don’t grow on trees.

My best guess is Lopez will be moved sooner than later and has the potential to be the final piece of a championship team.

-By Nicholas Diesing-Fay

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