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Core 3 for Sale in Brooklyn

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There have been some recent rumors the Brooklyn Nets are shopping their big three, Brook Lopez, Deron Williams, and Joe Johnson.

“NEW YORK -- The Brooklyn Nets have begun reaching out to teams to let them know that former All-Stars Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson are available via trade, ESPN.com has learned.

League sources told ESPN.com that the Nets, off to a disappointing 8-11 start and looking to retool after last season's $190 million roster filled with veterans couldn't advance beyond the second round of the playoffs, have let it be known that they are prepared to move any of those franchise cornerstones in what would likely be separate deals if they came to fruition because of the high salaries each possess.” Via Espn.com writers Marc Stein and Ohm Youngmisuk

This isn’t really much of a surprise; the Nets have shopped Lopez and Williams before. As well the Nets’ GM, Billy King said, “We’ll see” when asked if the Nets could compete for a title with their core three. With the Nets season heading downhill, no surprise King might try to make a splash. It also has been noted that the Nets don’t want a complete rebuild, but instead talent in return so they can compete for a playoff spot. Still trying to trade the contracts of these players will be a difficult task.

Next we will take a look at some possible trade partners.

Charlotte Hornets- The Hornets have been the biggest disappointment so far this season, a team many picked to grab the 5th or 6th seed in the East. So to no surprise the Hornets have been a team rumored to be actively looking for trades. Real GM is reporting that there has been some interest from teams in Lance Stephenson. Who knows one of them could be his hometown team, Brooklyn Nets.

Detroit Pistons- The Pistons another team that has been terrible this season, but still there are some talented players on their roster. The Pistons will be looking to trade with anyone to unload some of their terrible contracts, like Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings. I’m not sure if the Nets would be interested in either, but who knows.

Sacramento Kings- After a hot start the Kings started to cool down, maybe an upgrade at point guard could help. Deron Williams could be a nice addition to this team. Plus they have a few young pieces that could intrigue the Nets. Still it seems unlikely to happen.

Golden State Warriors- There has been some speculation, mostly by fans that the Warriors could try to make a move at Lopez or Johnson. They both can give the Warriors another dimension with their low post offense, but the Warriors are arguably the best team in the league, why would they mess that up.

There also is plenty of potential for a multi-team trade, but don’t expect anything until December 15th, this is when teams can trade their free agent signings.

-By Nicholas Diesing-Fay

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