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Lakers Still a “Showtime” Team?

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The Lakers are 3-9 and are sure to be another lottery team this upcoming draft. Despite all of this, the Lakers remain in the spotlight. The question is are they still a “Showtime” team, like many of the Laker teams have been.

The answer is yes, but for positive and negative reasons. The Lakers are losing, but with an offense that can possibly explode for points, behind Kobe Bryant, Jeremy Lin, and the return of Nick Young. They finally will be entertaining. Also when you are losing it brings that added attention and microscope on a franchise.

Also with an aging superstar, did I say aging, because 36 year old, Kobe Bryant, despite shooting 38.9% from the field and 30.1% from three is currently the NBA leader in scoring at 27.4 a game. Let’s not forget this is coming off a torn Achilles two years ago, and a broken bone in his knee last season. He also is playing 35 minutes a game still, despite all of this. With Kobe looking at another two years of playing and the Lakers playing this style of basketball. Despite what the Lakers record is they will remain highly watchable. Who doesn’t want to see Kobe calling out Dwight Howard, and putting his heart and soul out on the court as he tries to single handily win games?

Don’t worry either Laker fans; Kobe Bryant will not ever be seen wearing anything besides a purple and gold jersey in this lifetime.

-By Kory Waldron

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